The Bisalta, the magical mountain of Cuneo

Bisalta is THE mountain of Cuneo, as it rises at the foot of the plateau on which the city stands. High and majestic, in history it has been considered a sacred place by pre-Roman populations due to the symbolism that was associated with it. Esotericism, magic and legends, but above all beautiful nature!

Civic Tower of Cuneo: a witness for all the historical events of the city

Cuneo Civic Tower is one of the symbolic monuments of Cuneo: a careful eye on the history of the city, witness of all the sieges and an exceptional panoramic point. Today museum and perfect place for alternative romantic aperitifs!

“Bogia nen”, Piedmont and its obstinacy

The Battle of Assietta is one of the most important Piedmontese victories that marked the end of the war operations in Italy of the War of the Austrian Succession. It was this event that gave to people from Piedmont the famous "Bogia Nen" attribute, for their obstinacy and determination.

Saint Jean Baptiste, the patron saint of Turin: history, legend and the Propitiatory Water

Saint Jean, patron of Turin: the feast, the legends and the folklore linked to this tradition

Cuneo Rum? May I say it’s my favorite chocolate?

Assedium Cuneo Rum: the history, the tradition and the delicacy of "Cuneesi al Rum", a delish from Cuneo. It's a yummy chocolate with two meringue discs and a soft creamy heart with chocolate and rum, then covered by extra dark chocolate.

Stories of Cuneo, stories of Sieges

The history of Cuneo, of Piedmont and of Assedium's name. Yes, because I will tell you about sieges, feudal rebellions, kingdoms and victories.
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A Must Try Recipe

The authentic recipe of Cuneesi al Rum

I already told you about the fantastic Cuneesi al Rum pralines in this article, delicious chocolates with two layers of meringue...

Just launched: chocolate truffles!

I want to introduce you to a new product that we have just added to our online store: chocolate truffles!

The Chocolate Factory

Warning! This article is not suitable for chocolate gluttons! Of course I'm kidding: this article is...

News radar: the Assedium loyalty program has arrived!

Assedium presents its loyalty program: many stories, news, offers and exclusive promo!

In search of lost time

The flavors of the past which make you remember the best memories. The time machine exists: you can find it in your favorite pastry