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I already told you about the fantastic Cuneesi al Rum pralines in this article, delicious chocolates with two layers of meringue and a creamy heart of rum and chocolate, covered in an extra dark chocolate shell.

(Ph: The true Cuneo Rum by Assedium)

However, the time has come to tell you the recipe in detail, enticing you with our Cuneo Rum.

It all starts with the preparation of the famous meringue discs, which, as I told you in this other article, starts very early, even in summer, so as to be ready for the season. They are nothing more than very simple meringues (egg whites, sugar, glucose, water and a pinch of cocoa), to be placed at the base of the cuneese and on top of the cream, like a sandwich closure. Although simple, they are nevertheless really fundamental because it is precisely the presence of these meringues that differentiates a real Cuneese from an imitation (and unfortunately there are many around, including well-known brands!). Many manufacturers choose to omit these meringues for these reasons:

  • they require time in preparation and ad hoc machinery (trivially, an oven, which not all chocolatiers have)
  • their presence necessarily leads to an artisanal processing, as positioning the two meringues produces chocolates of different sizes and shapes that are therefore not easily manageable with industrial machinery
  • therefore, they represent a considerable additional cost
(Ph: meringues prepared with a pinch of cocoa)

Once we have our meringues (at least one day of preparation), we can move on to the production of the filling cream. It is a real custard, therefore prepared with hand-broken eggs, milk and sugar to which 60 ° distilled rum and dark chocolate with 55% of cocoa are added.

(Ph: the eggs are broken fully by hand, so to separate the yolk from the whites)

This preparation takes several hours also because, by choice, we have decided to pasteurize the eggs, a process that takes longer, but better stabilizes the product and, above all, makes it last longer. The cream requires about a day of production, plus, at least, a full night of rest in the cold room.

At this point, we can place the first layer of meringues on the trays and, with the sac a poche, put the cream filling on.

(Ph: the filling on the first meringue layer)

Then it is time to place the second meringue on top of the filling, thus obtaining mini sandwiches, which will then have to rest one night in the cold room.

(Ph: the second meringue disc is placed on the cream filling)

It is finally time to glaze our cuneesi with a 57% extra dark chocolate coating. The glazed chocolates must pass through a cooling tunnel in order to crystallize (dry) the chocolate.

(Ph: The glazing)

As you may have guessed, therefore, the traditional recipe of the real Cuneese al Rum requires at least four days and selected steps and ingredients (the two layers of meringue, the dark chocolate, the eggs in the cream, the rum distilled at 60 °). Not only that, all of this also requires craftsmanship, which is why it is so difficult to find a real Cuneese al Rum on the market. We at Assedium want to do things according to tradition, putting ourselves at the service of time and raw materials to obtain an authentic recipe, to be offered not only in Cuneo, but throughout Italy and Europe.

With this article I really hope you have grasped the complexity of this simple product and I also hope that you can therefore appreciate all its history, its qualities and its tradition.


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