Just launched: chocolate truffles!

Lasciati incuriosire

Just launched: chocolate truffles!

I want to introduce you to a new product that we have just added to our online store: chocolate truffles!

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Warning! This article is not suitable for chocolate gluttons! Of course I'm kidding: this article is...

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I want to introduce you to a new product that we have just added to our online store: chocolate truffles!

It is autumn, the ideal time to consume the Alba White Truffle, a true gem of our territory. And the chocolate version of this gem is also inspired by this very special tuber.

Briefly, here’s the story: as you will suspect, the Savoy family is here too! Oh yes, but we have to “move” to Chambery to see the birth of this dessert. In the Dufour pastry shop of this town (at the time annexed to the Savoy territories) pastry chefs from almost half of Europe were working there, but it is said that it was an Italian chef – Nadia Maria Petruccelli – who, to recover some waste materials, invented the recipe of the truffle.

Shortly thereafter the dessert also arrived in Piedmont, where the cream was replaced with the precious hazelnut paste, as the recipe still requires.

How do we prepare Assedium Chiaroscuro Truffles? It is good to know that we mix the various ingredients (including at least 40% hazelnut!) in separate doughs in the white and dark versions. In general, hazelnut grains and paste are mixed together with sugar and chocolate (dark and milk chocolate for the dark version and white chocolate for the white one).

At this point the mixtures are left to rest for a whole night in a cold room, so as to become solid the following day. This semi-solid dough is then processed and re-kneaded to acquire a softer consistency.

(Ph: the semi-solid mixture of dark truffles, after a whole night of rest)

It is therefore time to give them the classic “truffle” shape: we roll out the dough to obtain a cylindrical shape which will then be cut into small pieces (a bit like in the process of preparing “gnocchi”).

(Ph: the cut of white truffles)
(Ph: the cut of dark truffles)

But it is not finished here! To complete the work, the truffles, both white and black, are immersed respectively in a sea of ​​powdered sugar or cocoa powder, depending on the version.

(Ph: last step, dark truffles are dipped in the cocoa powder)

Finally they are ready and we can’t wait to let you taste them!


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