The Chocolate Factory

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Just launched: chocolate truffles!

I want to introduce you to a new product that we have just added to our online store: chocolate truffles!

The Chocolate Factory

Warning! This article is not suitable for chocolate gluttons! Of course I'm kidding: this article is...

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Warning! This article is not suitable for chocolate gluttons!

Of course I’m kidding: this article is for those who, like me, love chocolate. Not only that, it is also perfect for the most curious, for those who want to learn more about our products, how they are made and, above all, who’s behind these recipes.

Today, in fact, I will tell you about the Chocolate Factory, or the place where our pralines, our bars and our nougats are made.

The factory is located near Cuneo, in the same place that my grandfather had chosen together with his business partners. Together with me, other two wonderful people work there since more than 20 years. Over the years, they have increasingly refined their experience, treasuring ancient recipes and their skilled artisan hands.

Let’s start with them: this is Luca. Luca is the mâitre chocolatier who oversees all processes, from the raw material to the finished product. His favorite chocolate is milk chocolate, he doesn’t like dark chocolate very much. The recipe he knows best and produces the most is that of “cuneese”. Just think that in one day he can glaze almost 3 quintals of Cuneo Rum, obviously not alone! Luca is a very precise person and attentive to every little detail: you can’t go over the recipes with him by his side!

(Ph: Luca, our mâitre chocolatier)

Then, there is the very sweet Milena, a truly exquisite person who brings joy to the laboratory. Not only that, Milly is very good at preparing the various creams, filling the pralines. She loves black and white chocolate truffles (spoiler: new product! Follow us for new updates!) and together with Luca they form a truly irreplaceable professional couple.

Now, I will tell you about the machineries. In the Chocolate Factory, where all the productions are artisanal, there are some machines, fundamental and present in every chocolate laboratory, which facilitate certain processes, making the product flawless.

First of all, the tempering machines. These machines are used to melt the chocolate and keep it in a liquid state, necessary for the various processes (usage in fillings, glazing and bars). In fact, each type of chocolate has its own different tempering and this procedure, which, as a matter of fact, involves melting and lowering back the temperature to ensure that the chocolate remains shiny and can be processed, is fundamental for any recipe. These machines are large tanks with kg and kg of melted chocolate inside.

(Ph: The tempering machine with the extra dark chocolate in its correct tempering temperature)

Then, there is the so-called “tunnel”, a real cooling tunnel, ideal for glazing our pralines with melted chocolate and then crystallizing them, until the product we know is obtained.

(Ph: “Cuneesi” glazing, ready to be crystallized)

Moreover, there is a large nougat machine, or a giant pot with propellers ideal (needless to say) to prepare our soft nougat with 50% hazelnuts.

Finally, we have two ovens – I guess you might be wondering what ovens can be used for in a chocolate factory! Well: they are fundamental as we need them for cooking the meringues used in our Cuneo Rum.

(Ph: meringues used in ou Cuneo Rum)

The Chocolate Factory is now in full swing: Luca, Milena and I are ready to take off this season, offering you only the best products. What are you waiting for? Take a look at the site: chocolate is back in stock!


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