News radar: the Assedium loyalty program has arrived!

Lasciati incuriosire

Just launched: chocolate truffles!

I want to introduce you to a new product that we have just added to our online store: chocolate truffles!

The Chocolate Factory

Warning! This article is not suitable for chocolate gluttons! Of course I'm kidding: this article is...

News radar: the Assedium loyalty program has arrived!

Assedium presents its loyalty program: many stories, news, offers and exclusive promo!

In search of lost time

The flavors of the past which make you remember the best memories. The time machine exists: you can find it in your favorite pastry

The loyalty program has finally arrived: joining the magical world of Assedium Club brings many benefits!

We have created an exclusive club for you, a world full of stories, of authentic Piedmont and … offers! Yes, because with simple steps it will be possible to accumulate points so to access exclusive discounts.

Let’s see how it works!

(Ph: homepage)

At the bottom right of any page of our website you will find an orange button “REWARDS” and a small icon in the shape of a handbag with a heart inside. Click on the button and a pop up will open with an invitation to become a member of the Assedium Club.

(Ph: Assedium Club Rewards Program)

At that point you will have two possibilities: register by creating an account or, if you are already registered, simply enter your credentials to log in.

The Club offers special contents, keeps you updated on news and informs you about special offers reserved for members, that’s why it’s really important to be part of it! Not only that: through the membership you can accumulate precious points that will allow you to obtain further discounts or credits that can be immediately redeemed.

But how is it possible to earn those points?

(Ph: how to collect points with Assedium Club)

By clicking on “WAYS TO EARN” you will find the box above. To accumulate points there are five ways; those points are also cumulative:

  • Sign Up – account creation and Club subscription is worth 250 points
  • Instagram page follow – this activity is worth 50 points
  • Facebook Like – this activity as well is worth 50 points
  • Facebook share – with a simple Assedium content share you can earn 150 points
  • Finally, every purchase on our store is worth 2 points every € spent!

Of course, first of all, it is of fundamental importance to register: only in this way, in fact, the system will be able to track your actions so to credit your points.

(Ph: how to use Assedium Club points)

Now let’s see how much the points are worth and how you can use them (see photo above):

  • 100 points is worth a 10% coupon discount
  • 550 points is worth a 20% coupon discount
  • 800 points is worth a 30% coupon discount
  • Moreover, 100 points can worth 1€ discount on the order itself

But that is not all! We have also created a REFERRAL operation for you (also called “bring a friend”). That is, by inviting a friend of yours to join the Club he / she will get a coupon with a 10 € discount and you will also get a coupon worth 10 €!

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you join the club, the sooner you start earning. We are waiting for you in Assedium Club!


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