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The Chocolate Factory

Warning! This article is not suitable for chocolate gluttons! Of course I'm kidding: this article is...
Assedium dreamer and co-founder

August for many is the summer month par excellence: the one during which most organize their holidays. Schools are closed, offices are closed and cities are emptying.

However, companies which produce chocolate and pastries like us follow a strong seasonality of consumption, as chocolate is mainly purchased in the autumn-winter months, while products such as panettone have an even shorter life, related just to Christmas.

For this reason, the production of these two products follows particular cycles and seasons, dictated by market needs, but also by the organoleptic attributes of the products. So today I’ll tell you how the production of our laboratories is scheduled and what we are working on during these days!

August is the month of official resumption of work for us, in view of the next season. Let’s start with chocolate.

(Ph: production kick off)

In our chocolate laboratory we produce cuneesi, pralines in various flavors, bars and nougats. The most complex production that requires several steps is certainly that of Cuneo Rum (Cuneo), which we have talked about in this article. Cuneo Rum in fact requires three types of processing: the two different meringues, the cream of the filling and the final glaze.

Cuneese al Rum
(Ph: Cuneo Rum with its two layers of meringue biscuits)

In these days, and actually even in the previous months, we focused on the production of the meringues at the base of every real “cuneese” and which require a lot of patience in the making. In this period, therefore, we produce the entire (or almost) need for meringues of the season! Hundreds of kg of small white discs of different shapes, depending on whether they are meringues for the base of the praline or to be applied as a top layer to the cream.

On the one hand it is a boring job, as it is very repetitive, on the other hand it is also very important as it puts us in the perspective of careful planning for the production of the coming months. In short, today I already have to know how many meringues I will need for the “cuneesi” I will sell during the season. In fact, later on it will be increasingly difficult to find a moment to produce them.

(Ph: Meringues production for “cuneesi”)

Also in this period, we’ve been producing a couple of batches of “cuneesi” needed for the first large orders of the season. It is always a pleasure to feel that strong aroma of rum and chocolate in the walk-in fridges and throughout the laboratory.

Conversely, only in September, the production of nougats and bars and other delicious chocolates will take place again.

What does it happen instead in the pastry lab? As you know, the production of our amaretti, biscuits and hazelnut cakes never stopped during summer. Instead, in the next few days, we will start the production of panettone! Seeing the mixer turning the dough so yellow and rich in candied fruit or chocolate chips and feeling that sweet and rich aroma of vanilla and eggs immediately recalls Christmas … And if you think about it, in fact there are only 100 days left!

This year, compared to last season, we have thought of a new taste of Panettone, chocolates in particular flavors and shapes and truly unique gift boxes, so we are also in the testing and research phase to offer you even better and more delicious products!

So, just think about enjoying your holidays, we will take care of making next winter and Christmas special and we can’t wait to tell you everything, absolutely everything!


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